Become an Educator

Become an Educator

What are Educators?

The Educator Pool, one of the three UJC Support Staff Pools, serves as the educational and outreach body of the UJC. We aim to inform all communities around Grounds on the twelve Standards of Conduct (SoC) and serve as an asset for students and staff in answering SoC and UJC-related questions and managing concerns. Educators also promote the UJC as a resource for groups and individuals within the larger UVA community.

What do Educators do?

Our educational initiatives focus primarily on First Year undergraduate and graduate students as they are new to the University community. We do this by training Resident Advisors and Orientation Leaders, giving Dorm Talks and FOAs, tabling/co-hosting Orientation events, and holding a bi-weekly Office Hour in Clemmons Library.

Our outreach initiatives have an educational component in informing the community about the UJC’s role as a judiciary body, but serve primarily to make students more aware of the UJC’s role as a general resource and encourage those interested to apply. These events include: attending Resource Fairs for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Transfer Students, co-hosting and co-sponsoring CIO events, and tabling/flyering throughout the year.

This coming year, Educators will also spend a significant amount of time reaching out to minority and underserved communities around Grounds and recruit student liaisons from many different CIOs and organizations. Partnering with these communities as well as with a variety of CIOs creates a stronger relationship and two-way communication channel between the UJC and the groups.

Why should you be an Educator?

While Educators do not have a trial role, the Pool serves an incredibly important role within the UJC. Educators connect the Committee with the wider UVA student body and keep their peers informed of the resources the UJC has to offer. The Educator Pool also serves as a good introduction into the UJC community for those new to the Committee.

Educator Application

Educator recruitment occurs at the beginning of each academic year during the fall semester. Interested students should attend a UJC informational session, complete an application, and interview with the Senior Educator.

Please direct any questions to the current Senior Educator, whose information can be found on the Executive Committee page.