Hearing Panels

Hearing Panels

What is a Hearing Panel?

During any stage of the investigation of a case before the UJC or the First Year Judiciary Committee, a case may be heard informally before a hearing panel. Either party may request a hearing panel.

  • A hearing panel is composed of the Chairperson of the Committee or one of the Vice Chairs and two other judges from the committee. The panel bases its decision solely on the Investigator’s report. Neither party addresses the trial panel in person.
  •  Requirements for a case to be heard before a hearing panel are as follows:
    • The accused must admit guilt and must be a first-time offender.
    • The offense must be minor
    • Both parties must agree to have the case moved to the hearing panel
  •  Despite the fact that a particular case appears to meet the criteria for a Hearing Panel set forth above, the hearing panel chair may deny any request for a hearing panel in his or her sole reasonable discretion.
  • If at any time during the hearing, the hearing panel chair decides that a trial is needed to clarify facts, ensure fairness, or for any reason s/he deems appropriate, then a trial will be arranged.
  • All committee by-laws concerning appeals and reviews by the vice-president for student affairs apply to the panel
  • If you wish to request a hearing panel, please place your request within the online system at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled trial date

Hearing Panel Evidence

Since direct testimony is not heard during a hearing panel, all accused students are permitted to submit written statements detailing extenuating circumstances surrounding the case, character testimony, and any steps taken since the event. All statements must be emailed to the hearing panel chair by 5 p.m. on the day of the hearing panel unless otherwise specified. Please consult your counselor if you wish to submit a written statement for your hearing panel. The panel will review the investigator’s report alongside any written statements when determining a sanction in a hearing panel.