Support Officers

Support Officers


To ensure the fair and thorough investigation an adjudication of the alleged student misconduct, and to promote a greater awareness of the committee procedures and the University’s Standards of Conduct, the UJC selects and trains a staff of more than 70 students to serve as UJC Support Officers. There are three support officer positions: Counselors, Educators, and Investigators.


One or more Counselors are assigned to both the Complainant and the Accused parties in each case, and it is the duty of the Counselor to give their party a better understanding of the judicial process and to represent their party during a trial. Counselors are well-versed in UJC policy and trial procedure.

Counselors F23

Title Name
Counselor Eden Abebe
Counselor Ella Abney 
Counselor Avery Anderson 
Counselor Nora Bame
Counselor Rachel Bohannon 
Counselor Eli Boone
Counselor Tyler Brown 
Counselor Emera Cooper 
Counselor Tomas Cushman 
Counselor Thomas Davies 
Counselor Lauren DeLoatche 
Counselor Kailyn Dickerson 
Counselor Celia Dolan
Counselor Ella Duus 
Counselor Esteban Gonzalez 
Counselor Aviae Gibson 

 Ava Hollis

Counselor David Jia
Senior Counselor Harper Jones
Counselor Kishan Kalaria
Counselor Jenna Kimmel
Counselor Elizabeth Kreutner-Eady 
Counselor Clarissa Kusmana 
Counselor Ben Life 
Counselor David Lightbourn 
Senior Counselor Daria London
Counselor Jackson Lopez 
Counselor Sydney Marshall
Counselor Nick Meyer 
Counselor Brian Ng
Counselor Kristin O'Donoghue 
Counselor Nathan Onibudo 
Counselor Calvin Pan
Counselor  Pratha Purushottam 
Counselor  Adnan Rahimazi 
Counselor   Yukta Ramanan

Anna Lynne Ramsay

Counselor Jenna Rowen-Delson
Counselor  Aali Siddiqui 
Counselor  Maggie Shufflet
Counselor Ali Smith
Counselor Isabella Spanswick 
Counselor Ben Summers
Counselor  Grace Theriot 
Counselor Ben Ueltschey
Counselor Charlie Vavrik 
Counselor Annie von Dohlen 
Counselor  Maya Wrona 
Counselor  Nayana Xavier 
Counselor Phoebe Zamoff 


Education is a high priority of the Judiciary Committee. Students who are selected to be Educators lead the Committee’s educational efforts to the University community. In addition, Educators also work with guilty students sanctioned by the Judiciary Committee to obtain feedback regarding their experience with the judicial system.

Educators F23


Title Name
Educator Leah Carroll
Educator Michael Chih
Educator Shruthi Kalathur 
Educator Yassamine Kamal 
Educator Priya Katyal 
Educator Cali Jane Luetkemeier
Educator Isabel McDaniel
Educator Kaylah Muhammad 
Educator Emma Nunnelley 
Educator Lydia Qian 
Senior Educator Jordan Rodgers
Educator  Bergen Romness
Educator Laura Skilin 
Educator Andrew Tran 
Educator Rujula Upasani 
Educator Katrina Yankovich 
Educator Yingyi (Zach) Zhu


One of the Investigator’s duties is to question all parties involved in a case and collect from them the relevant facts. These facts are compiled in a written report and presented at the time of the trial to a panel of judges so that they may acquaint themselves with the substance of the case.


Investigators F23

Title Name
Investigator Rumesa Ali
Investigator Haley Barrett 
Investigator Lucas Baylous
Investigator Anissa Bell
Investigator Colin Berry 
Investigator Davis Caldwell 
Investigator Kelvin Chen
Senior Investigator Campbell Coleman
Investigator Julia Corbo
Investigator Anika Desai
Investigator Chelsea Divers 
Investigator Raven DuKane 
 Investigator David Dzul 
Investigator Robbie Favaro
Investigator Max Finkelstein 
Investigator Sanjana Jaiswal 
Investigator Kaushal Kambham 
Investigator Aarthika Krishnan 
Investigator Sara Landry 
Investigator Zachary Lederer 
Investigator Kendall Lehman 
Investigator Margaret McKernan 
Investigator Ashley Mosby
Investigator Erin Nolasco
Investigator Katharine Pan 
Investigator Mariam Parray 
Investigator Christina Propheter 
Investigator Madison Pugh 
Investigator  Leah Rockwell 
Investigator Maeve Reynolds 
Investigator Isabella Rutta 
Investigator Taylor Ryder
Investigator  Brendan Shurina 
Investigator  Alexis Stadler 
Investigator Ethan Taylor 
Investigator Emma Wunderly