Join the UJC

Join the UJC

Student Self-Governance

Based on Thomas Jefferson’s ideals of Student Self-Governance, the University Judiciary Committee is run by students of the University for students. In this vein, the Standards of Conduct were established by the Board of Visitors and the Student Body to define our mutual understanding of what behavior was destructive to the goal of creating a fair and safe community at the University. Today, a community of students, the University Judiciary Committee, continues to safeguard those standards. There are a few main ways to become involved in the UJC.

Run for Representative:

Elections for UJC Representatives are held in the spring of each year and terms run from April 1 of one year to April 1 of the next. Representatives serve as judges on UJC trials and uphold the standards of conduct by affording each accused student a trial by their peers.

First Year Judiciary Committee:

The First Year Judiciary Committee (FYJC) is the sub-committee of the UJC which tries all cases brought against first-year students. FYJC judges are all first-year students at the University and are selected by the Vice Chair for First Years through an interview process every fall. The FYJC is based on the premise that the first year experiences including its respective challenges and pressures are best understood by other first year students. This enables the UJC to tailor sanctions to better fit the transition period of first year.

Support Officers:

One can also join the UJC by interviewing to become a Counselor, Investigator, or Educator. These roles are integral to the UJC’s function. Applications and interviews for Counselor, Educators, and Investigator roles are held in the fall of each year.

2019 Recruitment Timeline:

Info Sessions in Newcomb 480: 9/1 (5-6pm); 9/4 (8-9pm), 9/9 (6-7 pm)

Application Live: 8/26-9/13(12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.)

FY Idividual Interviews: 9/20-9/22

FY group Interview: 9/23-9/24

FYs Selected: 9/28

Support Officer Interviews: 9/20-9/26

Support Officers Selected: 9/28

Educator Applications due: 10/1

How to Apply:

To apply to be a counselor, investigator, or First Year Judiciary Committee (FYJC) role for the University Judiciary Committee, please fill out the attached application and follow the instructions listed. If you’re interested in becoming an educator, please follow the instructions on this page. The UJC views all applications holistically. If you are applying for a position, please also fill out this demographic survey. Any identifying information collected from the survey is kept completely separate from the application process.