Join the UJC

Join the UJC

Fall 2023 FYJC and Support Officer Application

We are excited to accept new counselors, investigators, educators and FYJC! To receive the latest information and reminders about our recruitment process, please sign-up for our interest email list here. The best way to learn more about our process is to attend an information session and/or application workshop at one of the following times.

  • Monday Aug 28 (5-6pm) in Newcomb 480
  • Friday, Sept 1 (2-3 pm) in Newcomb 480 (Joint with Honor)
    • Application Workshop 3-4 PM
  • Tuesday, Sept 5 (7-8pm) in Newcomb 480
  • Thursday, Sept 7 (5-6pm) in Newcomb 480
    • Application Workshop 6-7PM
  • Friday, Sept 8 (1-2 pm) in Newcomb 480
    • Application Workshop 2-3PM

To join the UJC, you must submit a written application by Sunday, September 10th at 11:59pm to [email protected]. Candidates selected to move onto the next round will receive an invitation for an interview within the next week and final acceptances are anticipated to be released the week of September 25th. We encourage all interested students, regardless of previous experience, background, or year to apply.

If you were unable to attend and information session or application workshop, you can view the presentation slides here. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the appropriate member of our executive committee. You can find contact information on the "About Us" tab or on the presentation slides.

How to Apply

In line with the ideals of student self-governance which permeate UVa, the UJC is run entirely by students, for students. Every member of the UJC—from the youngest counselors to the chairs presiding over trials—is a current UVa student, and the Committee's roots are deeply connected to student self-governance. There are a few main ways to become involved in the UJC.

To join as a Support Officer (Counselors, Educators, and Investigators) or as an FYJC Representative, you will need to fill out an application. All applications are considered holistically. Applications for the fall 2023 recruiting cycle are due Sunday, September 10th at 11:59 PM. The UJC will be running elections in the Spring 2024 University-wide elections for UJC Representative for each school; see more below.

To join as a UJC Representative, you will not fill out an application and instead will need to consult with your school of enrollment and likely run a campaign in the spring University-wide student elections. Reach out to your school council, the UBE, or current UJC Representatives for more information on this process.

Join as a Support Officer (Counselors, Educators, and Investigators)

More than 60% of the UJC's personnel make the University a better place by serving in one of three Support Officer roles. Counselors, Educators, and Investigators work together to process every UJC case from start to finish. You can learn more about each position by visiting the Become a Counselor, Become an Educator, and Become an Investigator pages. Any UVa student of any experience level can join these pools. Information sessions, applications, and interviews for these roles are held every fall.

Join as an FYJC Representative

A talented team of 12 first year students form the First Year Judiciary Committee (FYJC), a subcommittee of the UJC which handles cases brought against other first year students at UVa. FYJC Representatives serve as judges presiding over these cases, where they tailor the trial process to take into account the unique challenges and pressures of the first year experience. FYJC Representatives must be first year UVa students and are selected by the Vice Chair for First Years through information sessions, applications, and interviews held every fall.

Please note that it is possible to simultaneously apply for both the FYJC Representative role as well as a Support Officer role. You will be able to indicate your preferences in your application.

Join as a UJC Representative

The 27 students who serve as UJC Representatives hail from all thirteen schools of the University. They work together in teams, acting as judges in UJC cases and upholding the Standards of Conduct by affording each Accused party a trial by their peers. Any eligible UVa student can become a UJC Representative by running for election in the spring University-wide student elections held each March by the University Board of Elections (UBE). The term of office runs from April 1 of election year to April 1 of the next.