The core of the UJC consists of 29 Representatives elected from the 13 undergraduate and graduate schools of the University for one-year terms beginning April 1. Each school elects two Representatives, except for the College of Arts and Sciences which elects five. Representatives serve as judges during UJC trials and are responsible for Committee policy and procedure.

An autonomous subcommittee of the UJC, the First Year Judiciary Committee (FYJC) hears all cases of alleged offenses by first year students in the first year living areas. Its procedures and jurisdiction closely mirror that of its parent body, the UJC. The FYJC consists of 12 FYJC Representatives chosen from among the first year class. The committee is an excellent way for first year students to become involved in the University community, to take an active role in the judicial system, and to experience student self-governance first-hand.

UJC Representatives

Representatives F23
Representatives Email
School of Architecture  
Heather Byrum [email protected]

Karsten Brown

[email protected]
College of Arts & Sciences  
Harper Jones [email protected]
Campbell Coleman [email protected]

Anna Prillaman

[email protected]
Lisa Kopelnik [email protected]
Allison McVey [email protected]
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences  
Grace Whitaker [email protected]
Monika Wieliniec [email protected]
School of Education and Human Development  
Makana Brooks  [email protected]
Shakira Pina [email protected]
Darden Graduate School of Business Administration  
Tripp Grant [email protected]
Elizabeth Rawlings [email protected]
School of Engineering and Applied Science  
Jack Fox [email protected]
Colin Halligan [email protected]
School of Law  
Jeronimo Lau Alberdi [email protected] 
Andrew Bender [email protected]
McIntire School of Commerce  
Johnston Loyd [email protected]
Peter Moore [email protected]
School of Medicine  
Benjamin Ke [email protected]
Patrick Connolly [email protected]
School of Nursing  
James Edwards [email protected]
Diana Nguyen [email protected]
Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy  
Melinda Wong [email protected]
Ella Abney [email protected]
School of Continuing and Professional Studies  
Jennifer Bowyer [email protected]

Tim Richard 

[email protected]
School of Data Science  
Ethan Assefa  [email protected]

Rose Eluvathingal Muttikkal 

[email protected] 

FYJC Representatives



Title Name Email
FYJC Chair Alexandra Worms [email protected]
FYJC Vice Chair Zach Davidson  [email protected]
FYJC Representative Sara Costa 

[email protected]

FYJC Representative Arnav Dharmagadda [email protected]
FYJC Representative Morgan Dixon [email protected]
FYJC Representative Clare O'Dwyer [email protected]
FYJC Representative Zahraa Hassan [email protected]
FYJC Representative Gilbert Meng [email protected]
FYJC Representative  Skye Milne [email protected]
FYJC Representative Joshua Rodriguez Cruz [email protected]
FYJC Representative

Imran Rahimzai

[email protected]

FYJC Representative  Winnie Wilson [email protected]