The UJC has a long history of supporting various CIOs and groups on Grounds. The most common form of support is through co-sponsorships, where the UJC donates a set amount of money to fund an event, project, etc.

UJC Co-sponsorship Guidelines

What is co-sponsorship?

When the UJC will support an event, usually by providing funding, in exchange for something that is considered valuable. What can be considered valuable is increased UJC exposure, opportunities for recruitment, better relations with organizational groups, and alumni outreach. Co-sponsorship gives credibility to the organization as a whole and shows students that we are avidly caring for and participating in events put on by other organizations. Additionally, those who we cosponsor with may be willing to aid us more in the future, such as organizing joint events, speaking at their general body meetings, or using their community space for UJC outreach. 

What should the UJC cosponsor?

The UJC should only cosponsor events, unless directly aiding in charity work, that have value to the overall organization. Internal organizational events for certain CIOs tend to have less value to the UJC as a whole as it limits the capability for outreach. When examining a potential co-sponsorship, the first point to look at is if the event aligns with our organizational values of promoting the respect, safety, and freedom of the University. Secondly, we shall evaluate the overall cost benefit to determine whether the event is worth the future budget deficit. Those of value shall have the potential for volunteer opportunities for UJC members, our logo/ brand on promotions for the events, and relatively large, diverse student population in attendance. 

How do we cosponsor?

The UJC may use up to 10% of its budget towards co-sponsorship events and allocate the money as exec sees fit throughout the school year. By providing this money, UJC members are expected to volunteer at the event or be able to make an announcement about the UJC and what the organization entails. If possible, swag, flyers or other promotional materials can be given out. The goal is to help foster a mutual relationship between organizations while simultaneously promoting the UJC. At the end of the event, contact information should be shared by both parties to ensure a point of contact for future opportunities.

To propose a sponsorship please contact Chair Gabby Cox.

To receive a reimbursement follow this link or contact ODOS.