The UJC has a long history of supporting various CIOs and groups on Grounds. The most common form of support is through co-sponsorships, where the UJC donates a set amount of money to collaborate on a specific event or project. Past partnerships have included:

  • Outdoors Club at UVa
  • Pancakes for Parkinson's
  • Ethiopian Student Association
  • First Year Council
  • Latinx Student Alliance at UVa
  • University Guide Service

What is co-sponsorship?

Co-sponsorships involve a two-way relationship where the UJC supports the event or project of another group, usually by providing funding, in exchange for something that is considered valuable to the UJC. This can include increased UJC exposure, opportunities for UJC recruitment, better relations with organizational groups, alumni outreach, or other benefits. The UJC avidly seeks to care for and participate in the activities of other organizations on Grounds through partnerships in co-sponsorships. Additionally, it hopes that groups with whom it partners will learn about the UJC, organize more events with the UJC in the future, speak to its members at UJC General Body meetings, or use their spaces to educate the community.

What events does the UJC co-sponsor?

The UJC considers all requests for co-sponsorship and especially searches for opportunities which add value to the UJC itself, the University community, and the broader Charlottesville community. Events or projects which align with the UJC's mission to promote respect, safety, and freedom at UVa are most likely to receive its support.

What does the UJC offer?

The UJC receives an annual budget from the University and may allocate up to 10% of its budget towards co-sponsorships. Additionally, the UJC has a membership of more than 100 students from every one of the 13 schools of the University, including both graduate and undergraduate students. The UJC will happily encourage its members to volunteer at co-sponsored events and send promotional materials to its member lists. The UJC logo and brand support can also be used to promote co-sponsored events or projects.

How to apply?

To propose a co-sponsorship, please contact [email protected] with as many details as you can provide.