File a Complaint

File a Complaint


The University Judiciary Committee (UJC) is UVa’s student self-governed disciplinary system, charged with the authority to investigate and adjudicate alleged violations of the Standards of Conduct.

Any person can bring a University student up on UJC charges. The person who brings the student/s up on charges is referred to as the “complainant,” and must fill out a Standard Complaint Form on this page.

A student may only be brought up on charges if the complainant believes that they violated one of the 12 Standards of Conduct. If you have any questions about what might fall within the UJC’s jurisdiction, please contact a UJC Executive Committee member.

The Standard Complaint Form must be filed with the UJC within 45 calendar days of the day upon which the complainant knew or should have known the identity of the violator.

The UJC is entirely student run. The UJC provides both the complainant and accused with committee counselors, although any University student may serve a counselor. The “juries,” or trial panels, consist of 5 student Committee members. Committee members are elected and come from all 13 of the University’s schools.

The complainant has the right to drop charges at any time leading up to the trial.

Everything must be kept entirely confidential unless the accused student/s choose to release information pertaining to the case (the complainant may not release information). The accused student may also choose to have a trial that is open to the public.

If the accused student is found guilty, the UJC may give him/her any sanction, including, but not limited to, an oral admonition, community service, restitution, suspension, or expulsion.

An appeal process exists only for the accused student. The complainant may not appeal the decision of a trial panel.

If you have any further questions or would like to bring charges, please contact a UJC Executive Committee member or contact Gabby Cox, UJC Chair.