Student Resources

Student Resources

Student Safety:

If you feel you have been the victim of or have witnessed bias, hazing, or sexual and gender-based violence, please follow the link to the Just Report It system. These actions have no place on our Grounds and must be reported to help preserve the dignity and respect of all members of our community. If you are in need of support services, the Women’s Center at UVa and Counseling and Psychological Services would like to help.

File a Complaint:

If you believe another student has committed a violation of one of the Standards of Conduct and wish to file a complaint against that student, please follow the procedure outlined under the “File a Report” section of the “Complainant Support” tab, or click the “File a Report” button on the side of this page. If you have questions about the process or would like to discuss the issue with a UJC officer, please contact us via the link on the righthand of the page.

Accused Students:

If you have questions about your upcoming trial or the trial process in general, please consult the information in the Accused Student Section of the Student Resources tab or contact the UJC directly. You should also consult with your assigned counselor who should be in contact at least two weeks before your scheduled trial date.